Jubilant Agri and Consumer Products Ltd, manufactures and markets wood working adhesives using its superior technology and state of the art manufacturing facility. The adhesives are designed to work for multiple sub-states and environments. It caters to the market of both water based and solvent based adhesives which are required for different applications. The range of wood working adhesives made by Jubilant Agri and Consumer Products Ltd is used in applications like joining wood to wood, ply to wood, veneer to wood, decorative laminate to wood, PVC to wood and laminate to particle boards. It also makes specialty adhesives which is used for applications where Foam is used as one sub-state and other sub-state could be wood, Iron, Vineer, Ply, leather, Cloth etc., widely used for making furniture and upholstery of vehicles. JACPL also provides specialized adhesives for water resistance, heat resistance, bubble free lamination, vertical and nail free lamination. The offerings are made through the following brands

  1. Jivanjor
  2. Vamicol
  3. Polystic
  4. Hero