How often do we use a spoon for our breakfast, dinner or any food occasion?

It’s not just a necessity, but an etiquette that people follow on a day to day basis. All over the world, even today, people are judged by their table manners, especially when eating out or attending formal functions.

Wooden spoons are one of the best-selling products in any craft show. It has a rich cultural history since ancient times. It’s very comforting and feels great in your hands- not cold and severe like stainless steel, or dull and characterless like plastic. More importantly, a wooden spoon lasts for years or even decades. The moment wooden spoon was invented; it has been an integral part of various cultural traditions.

Wooden spoon’s versatility and durability are what makes it worth using. A wooden spoon is sturdy but not harsh. So, it is hard enough to survive the heat while cooking and soft enough to prevent your non-stick pan from any scratch or damage while stirring. More importantly, it does not chemically react with acidic foods as their metal counterpart do. So, A wooden spoon is a must in every kitchen.

What if we can make a wooden spoon of our choice, style, and shape. It will add more fun and joy to our meal time. We are going to introduce you to probably the easiest and cheapest way to make a wooden spoon. The following Youtube link will guide you through step by step procedure to make a wooden spoon with easy technics and using simple tools:

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