How many times do we come across amazingly designed graphics over the internet or in a magazine?

But when we do, it makes us wonder if it could be transferred onto a piece of furniture to make it adorable. Ever thought of such a possibility? Well, we have got the solution for you, that is being shared here.

It’s good if you have found a nice graphic of your own, if not? No Worries. Just follow this link for Furniture Transfer Graphics that has a great collection of graphics.

Choose one image of your choice and follow the simple procedure to transfer any graphic/image from your computer onto a furniture.  Once you are done with choosing your favorite image, just go to This site gives you a liberty to make your image of any size, even poster size and hence the name. You can also get your images in PDF format using this website.



Take a print of your image. If your image size doesn’t fit into a single page, simply tape all the pages together and chalk the back (as shown in the shared video). Now attach the page to the required surface of furniture. Trace the entire image using a pen or pencil so that it leaves the chalk mark underneath on the piece of furniture. Now paint your design that is chalk marked onto the furniture surface using a paintbrush or any other tool of your choice.

Please follow the youtube link for detailed instructions:

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